Is Buying Domains with High Seo Metrics a Viable Business Tactic?

domain lifecycleDespite a plethora of changes and updates made to the Google ranking algorithm over the last several years, high quality backlinks are still the main factor used in determining your website’s search engine ranking. So, while it is just plain silly for you not to focus more time and energy on things like social media presence and engaging content, in order to achieve the best results you need to have as many high quality backlinks to your site as possible.

The aforementioned algorithm changes have also forced webmasters to tighten up their outgoing link profiles as well. This has resulted in a lower number of potential link targets for most website owners, especially those on a smaller budget. So how does a small business website owner compete with the big boys? One of the most effective ways is to purchase aged expiring or expired domain names, specifically high seo metrics domains.

Benefits of Aged Domains for SEO

As time passes, there is much more conflicting information on the web regarding the individual factors that either enhance an website’s rankings or raise the possibility of a penalty. A domain’s age as a ranking signal is a very polarizing topic among webmasters. It is unclear whether simply buying an old domain and linking to your site is more beneficial than a brand new domain. What is clear; however, is that buying an aged domain with a great backlink profile and linking it to your money site will no doubt add a large amount of trust and authority. In my personal research it appears there are many more people using aged domains, especially those with high authority and trust, to their advantage.

How to Use Your Aged Domains for Maximum SEO Benefit

301 Redirect

Redirecting an aged domain to your main website, either to the homepage or to inner pages, is the cheapest and simplest way to take advantage of an aged domain. The goal of this method is to send any traffic the aged domain had from existing links directly to your site. This works extremely well if the old site had a lot of high traffic links around the web, and it would be even more effective if the link juice and authority from these aged links was passed as well.

Unfortunately it seems that either Google has caught on to this method, or that the 301 redirect is just not effective in passing trust, authority, and/or link juice to the new site. It may be that the method was overused, or perhaps most people who attempt this method are doing so improperly. One possible way to combat the ineffectiveness would be to completely rebuild the site from the wayback machine at, wait until it is fully re-crawled and re-indexed, and only then 301 redirecting the site. However, if you are going to take all the time and energy to do that, then you may as well try one of the following techniques which are still proving quite effective.

Microsites and Feeder Sites

Microsites and feeder sites are not likely to be as effective in improving rankings as would a private blog network. But generally that are simpler and less expensive to build. These sites are usually built to send traffic more so than link juice; however, some authority and trust would no doubt be passed through this method, certainly more so than with a simple 3o1 redirect.

This method actually allows for cross-linking to other sites in the network, and also simply adds more pages to search engines so you can cover more keywords and therefore increase the possibility of ranking for more terms. You can be a little more aggressive with your link building efforts with these types of sites as well. Due to the lower amount of work and less cost, it is not quite as terrible to get one of these sites de-indexed. However, it is critical you don’t overdo it with cross-linking or link building as Google has become much more effective recently at detecting and subsequently penalizing these types of sites for wither unnatural links or thin content.

Private Blog Network (PBN)

Unquestionably, a properly built private blog network will provide the most benefit to the search engine ranking of your main website. It is a bit more expensive and does require some extra work and knowledge, but done correctly can provide results equal to those of a very large budget website. Your main focus when building a private blog network should be to make each of the network sites appear to be owned and operated independentantly of one another. Obviously the content should be related, but cross-linking to other sites in the network is a definite something to avoid. Each of the sites should also be hosted on different hosting accounts and with unique IP addresses.

Similar to a private blog network, you could also actually operate each of the sites independently of each other. More websites means more potential web real estate you can cover. For instance you could keep each individual site more niche focused and instead of covering one broad topic with one website, you could cover one broad topic with several sub-topic focused websites. This method would be even more expensive as you would need to build high quality links to each of the sites independantly of each other and do your best to keep each backlink profile fairly unique.

Each of these methods of using aged domains for SEO have different benefits. Combining them would be the absolute best method of search engine optimization that one could use in the current state of affairs. Your money site needs high quality and engaging content and high authority and trustworthy backlinks. Creating a small microsite network as well as a private blog network would give you the best of all worlds in driving that engaging content to the top of the search engines. Try using your aged, private blog network mainly to send powerful link juice flowing to your money site. Use the minisite network to focus on pulling in traffic. You could use 301 redirects mainly for that purpose, as well as running off-the-wall viral marketing strategies without any risk to your main website’s health and well-being. Regardless of what you do, there is no doubt that aged domains with high authority and trust are the future of SEO and should be a main focus in all your marketing efforts.


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